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A Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) serves as the virtual equivalent of a handwritten signature, utilized for signing electronic documents securely. DSC means Digital Signature Certificate. This certificate, a software file of paramount importance, is securely stored within a specialized USB pen drive.

Step to Acquiring/buy or get a DSC Online: Effortless and Paperless

The process of acquiring a Digital Signature Certificate has taken a leap into the future with the introduction of paperless procedures. Paperless DSC issuance is easy and secure way. Here are the steps to acquire a new DSC through paperless process:

Step 1: Select your DSC categories  (Select your DSC as per usage)

Step 2: Choose validity 1 Yr., 2 Yrs. or 3 Yrs.

Step 3: Fill the billing details and make the payment.

After completing the payment, you will receive a confirmation mail with order no, our team member will contact you in few minutes or you may contact at our helpdesk – or chat with us directly.

Step 4: about dsc processing

There is two methods available –

1st method One is process yourself.

Our team will provide a processing link to you.

  1. Generate a KYC ID/PIN or utilize an existing KYC ID as part of the identity verification process.
  2. Upload your PAN Card, Proof of Address, and a passport-sized photograph. Additional documentation may be necessary for administrative purposes.
  3. Engage in recording a video using either your smartphone or laptop, while reading the displayed statement on the screen.
  4. Certifying Authority will check documents and video if everything will proper than DSC will be approve and issue Digital Signature Certificate.
  5. Download the Digital Signature Certificate and securely store it within a USB cryptographic token. Please be aware that the USB dongle must fulfil specific criteria, including compatibility with Hyp2003 Token or Watch Data ProXkey Token.

2nd method -process from our side and dispatch USB token through air courier

  1. Share the documents for eKYC like PAN Aadhar, mobile no , email id , passport size photo
  2. Our team will enroll the ekyc, after enrolment applicant get email and mobile otp to do video verification and esign (the process will be same to do ekyc video through mobile or laptop and esign by otp)
  3. After successful verification the DSC will be ready Download to dispach
  4. We will download DSC in New Version of lates USB token such as HYP2003 or watchdata proxkey and dispatch at registred address.

Classes of DSC: Which DSC should I buy?

Class-3 DSC being the sole offering now available. The transition was in accordance with CCA guidelines, resulting in the discontinuation of Class-2 in 2021. The versatile Class-3 DSC is apt for a myriad of applications, including Income tax returns GST efiling, MCA21, PF,IEC code, invoice signing, Director’s KYC, and various portal registrations.

For e-Tender portal required Class3  signing & encryption Individual with Organization name, Class-3 Combo can be using any types of etender/e-Procurnment in PAN India, bidder and Government Organisation both required Class-3 Orgnsation Signing and encryption to participate in tenders or publish the tender

What is USB token for DSC ePass2003 auto is now Hyp2003 and WatchData Proxkey

For the safekeeping of Digital Signature Certificates, specialized USB pen drives are the key.

Functioning as cryptographic tools, these tokens offer strong security and password safeguarding. Crafted to repel viral intrusions, these tokens strictly conform to the robust FIPS 140-2 Level 3 security benchmarks, guaranteeing unparalleled safeguarding of your digital persona.

DSC Pricing

The elimination of paper-based processes has led to a decrease in the cost of Digital Signature Certificates (DSC). Whether for new applications or renewals, individuals can now benefit from more affordable pricing. The cost factor no longer prevents the public from adopting and utilizing Digital Signatures.

Class-3 DSC for Individual types

Individuals seeking the benefits of DSC are now exclusively offered the Class-3 variant. While Class-2 was more affordable, its issuance has been stopped by  CCA  Class-3 DSC, available for 1, 2, or 3-year validity periods, opens doors to diverse applications such as GST returns, income tax returns, and various portal registrations.

Class-3 DSC with Organizations  Name

Organizations navigating the digital landscape can rely on Class-3 Digital Signatures to submit bids through tender portals. From sole proprietors to registered companies, this classification caters to a range of applicants. The issuance process, now paperless, offers flexibility in validity periods and the option to choose a Signature or Combo variant based on your needs.

Responsive Customer Care for Seamless DSC Acquisition

Applicants for Digital Signature Certificates enjoy complimentary premium support, accessible via live chat, phone, or email. This guarantees a smooth and effortless encounter, swiftly and efficiently handling any inquiries that may arise.

Mastering Video Recording for DSC

Recording a video for DSC verification is a straightforward process:

  1. Access the received email on your smartphone or computer.
  2. Utilize your device’s camera to record a video.
  3. Enunciate the on-screen statement audibly and clearly.
  4. Display original PAN Card and Address Proof documents to the camera.
  5. Ensure your face is clearly visible.
  6. The video should have a duration of 30 seconds.
  7. Video recording is now available in additional languages – Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam – apart from Hindi and English.

eKYC for DSC: A Swift and Paperless Approach

The introduction of eKYC (Electronic Know-Your-Customer) has brought about a revolutionary change in identity verification methods. The process entails uploading PAN Card or Aadhaar XML online. No attestation or physical document submission is required, making it a streamlined and efficient procedure.

Aadhaar e-KYC XML

Aadhaar e-KYC XML stands as a secure document that serves as proof of identity for Aadhar number holders. This document is relevant across diverse sectors, encompassing telecom, digital signatures, and beyond.

It includes vital information like Name, Address, Photograph, Gender, Date of Birth (DOB), registered Mobile Number, and Email address.

How to Download Aadhaar XML for eKYC

Obtaining your Aadhaar eKYC XML is a simple process:

  1. Visit the URL www.uidai.gov.in.
  2. Enter your ‘Aadhaar Number’ or ‘VID,’ and the associated ‘Security Code.’ Click ‘Send OTP.’
  3. Input the OTP received on your registered Mobile Number.
  4. Generate a Share Code, which will act as the password for the ZIP file. Click ‘Download.’
  5. Your digitally signed XML file will be downloaded within a ZIP archive.

To sum up, Digital Signature Certificates (DSCs) have introduced a fresh era of secure and streamlined document signing in the digital domain. With paperless procedures, advanced tokens, and robust customer support, the process of acquiring and utilizing DSCs has become seamless and accessible to all. Embrace the potential of digital signatures and open the door to endless possibilities.

Uses of Different Types of DSC

Class 3 Individual DSC Uses:
• Income Tax Return (ITR) eFiling, Audit eFiling
• ROC and MCA Filing
• GST Registration, GST Filing
• IC Registration
• Trademark and Patent Filing (IPR)
• IRCTC eTicketing
• Directors EKYC
• Employee Provident Fund, EPFO or Traces
• Company Registration

Class 3 Signing & Encryption (Combo) DSC Uses:
All Indian eTenders, eTendering Websites
All India eProcurement Websites
All Indian eBidding, eAuction Websites
ICEGate, eSanchit, MEIS, SEIS Website
Gram Panchayat, Gram Sachiv, Gram Pradhan
Gram Sarpanch, CERSAI Website

Class-3 Digital Signature
The Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA) in India follows the RCAI hierarchy, and Class 3 Digital Signature ensures the highest level of trust and reliability. Online Class 3 Digital Signature can be purchased from an established supplier nearby Delhi, India. We supply Class 3 DSC digital signatures of XtraTrust, eMudhra, Sify, Capricorn, PantaSign, and VSign at the most affordable rates.

Renew Digital Signature

Get Your DSC renew in 30 Minutes. We efiling infotech P ltd renew any CA Company DSC in 30 minutes. we Provide renewal service completely paperless and hassle free. customer need to share existing ekyc id (it will be check in email or mobile text received from Certifying authrity) or we can create new ekYC account. customer need to provide some documents to process the same. we are specialize in DSC renewal all over India.

Individual DSC types
Class 3 Individual DSC is issued to an individual. Individuals residing in India who possess valid proof of identity and address are eligible to acquire a Class 3 individual user Digital Signature Certificate (DSC).Measure use of Individual DSC is efiling purpose like GST, Income tax, DIR KYC MCA,PF, personal signature, sign paperless documents on individual capicity.

Organization DSC types
BUy CLass-3 Organization DSC from efiling infotech in same days from any where in INDIA. Class 3 Organization DSC is issued to an authorized signatory or employee of an organization. Proprietorship Firms, Partnership Firms, Private Limited Companies, Limited Companies, LLPs, and Government Organizations in India are eligible to purchase Class 3 Organization DSC. It is available with validities of 1, 2, and 3 years

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