Digital Signature Certificate(DSC) For DGFT for Foreign Trade

Digital Signature for DGFT is also called DSC for Foreign Trade or Exim DSC, Trade organization IEC code Holder Company who evolve in import and export can use Digital signature to file online license application and file documents online with DGFT DSC.

EXIM Organizations with Online License Applications through DSC
Modern times call for modern solutions, and EXIM organizations are no exception. The DGFT (Directorate General of Foreign Trade) now enables EXIM organizations to submit license applications electronically through their website. This not only easy and secure the process but also facilitates the submission of accompanying documents in a digital format.

The DGFT has taken a decisive step by mandating the use of Digital Signature Certificates for all documents uploaded to its platform. By adopting this measure, every EXIM organization is required to possess a valid Digital Signature Certificate to facilitate transactions on the DGFT website.

The Digital Signature Certificate – DSC Workflow
The process is DSC with DGFT Upon receiving electronically submitted documents, the DGFT initiates a multi-layer validation process. This process verifying the identity of the sender, ensuring the credibility of the documents, and validating the authentication of the DSC. Once these aspects are confirmed, the DGFT proceeds with the processing of documents, ultimately leading to the issuance of licenses.

Double Advantage: It’s Convenient and Saves your cost
Embracing digitalization comes with its own set of rewards. EXIM organizations stand to benefit from a 50% reduction in license fees by choosing the online submission route through the DGFT website.
Blending this effort to save costs with the convenience of electronic filing streamlines processes and encourages businesses to adopt modern approaches.


DSC Requirement for Customs House Agents
For organizations employing the services of Customs House Agents, the importance of the Digital Signature Certificate cannot be overstated. All documents submitted through these agents must be accompanied by a DSC. This reinforces the security of the documents and enhances the credibility of the transactions,

Digital Signature Certificates and it’s Legal Recognition
The legal framework of the Indian Information Technology Act of 2000 confers significant importance upon Digital Signature Certificates. Documents submitted through these certificates carry the same weight as physically signed documents.
The recognition with the legal system gives more credibility to digital transactions, boost the confidence of all the people involved in t his trade.

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