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The Central Government, acting under section 17 of the IT Act, designated the Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA) to fulfill the Act’s objectives. The CCA’s establishment on November 1, 2000, aimed to facilitate the expansion of E-Commerce and E-Governance by encouraging the widespread adoption of digital signatures. Operating within the framework of the Act, the CCA also established the Root Certifying Authority of India (RCAI) under section 18(b) to digitally sign the public keys of Certifying Authorities (CAs) in the nation. This ensures establishing norms.

The CCA holds the authority to grant licenses to Certifying Authorities for issuing digital signature certificates and other PKI Services. Notable Certifying Authorities in India, including those associated with Efiling- Digital Signature Company, are listed below. It is important to note that every Certifying Authority authorized under the IT Act, 2000, is recognized as legitimate, and each licensed Certifying Authority is authorized to issue Digital Certificates in India.

For those seeking information regarding DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) providers in India or the best DSC provider, including guidance on establishing a Certifying Authority for digital signatures, the following details offer insights.


SignX CA is a reputable Certifying Authority specializing in digital signatures and PKI services. SignX CA 's unwavering commitment to security and strict regulatory compliance play a critical role in enabling secure online transactions. SignX's expertise are on creating digital signature certificates that guarantee the integrity and reliability of electronic documents. By utilizing SignX CA, digital signatures are made more reliable and trustworthy which ultimately enhances online shopping and government processes. As an esteemed presence in this domain, SignX CA enriches the digital arena with its dependable and inventive solutions.


EMUDHRA is a prominent Certifying Authority (CA) in India, authorized by the Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA) under the IT Act. Its Specialized in Digital signature Certificates and PKI Solutions. Its Ensure the security of online transactions and documents. EMUDHRA's services adhere to established legal standards and promote the growth of E-Commerce and E-Governance through digital signatures. EMUDRA, a reliable Certifying Authority (CA), maintain a important role on ensuring digital communication security and authentication . Its services are well-recognized and widely used due to their dependable performance and adherence to regulatory standards.


VSIGN CA is a renowned Certifying Authority in India, made a name for its pivotal role in ensuring secure digital transactions. Established under the IT Act, it holds the authority to issue digital signature certificates, bolstering E-Commerce and E-Governance. VSIGN CA operates within the legal framework, ensuring compliance with established standards. Its digital signatures are widely acknowledged for their reliability and authentication in the digital realm. "VSIGN CA maintains a crucial role in building better online Ecosystem and making valuable contributions to its growth."


Pantasign CA is a renowned Certifying Authority, gets recognized for its expertise in digital signatures and PKI services. Renowned within the industry, Pantasign CA delivers dependable digital signature certificates, designed to meet legal and regulatory benchmarks.


Sify SafeScript CA is a prominent Certifying Authority recognized in India. Established in accordance with the IT Act, Sify SafeScript CA operates within legal frameworks to provide reliable and trusted PKI services.

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