Digital Signature Certificate(DSC) for E-Tickeing(IRCTC)

The e-ticketing system of IRCTC has transformed how passengers make ticket bookings and secure reservations for Indian Railways. With the online reservation system surpassing ticket booking at the counter, IRCTC has witnessed a significant increase in the share of online bookings, reaching a whopping 60 percent according to recent reports(Jha* et al., 2019). To serve consumers effectively and securely, IRCTC has implemented the use of Digital Signature Certificates for authorized Ticket agents. Digital Signature Certificates play a admin role in the e-ticketing process for IRCTC.

An Individual class 3 Digital Signature Certificate is required for every authorized agent to complete the e-ticket issuance process. Once an agent obtains a class 3 DSC, it needs to be mapped with IRCTC through the principal agent. This ensures that when an RTSA user logs onto the IRCTC website, the application verifies the authentication of their class 3 digital signature certificate. If the digital certificate is authenticated, the user is allowed to book the desired number of tickets without any restrictions on quantity. The implementation of Digital Signature Certificates for e-ticketing by IRCTC adds an extra layer of security to the ticket booking process.

Which type of certificate is required ?
Class 3 Individual types DSC required for rail ticket
With prioritizing the use of Digital Signature Certificates, IRCTC ensures its commitment to better the security standard for users who are engaged with e-ticketing operations.

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