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Buy your Digital Signature Certificate or DSC online for various purposes using eFiling. The Class 3 DSC can be used for tasks like GST, MCA21, IEC Enrollment, ITR eFiling, EPFO filings, eTendering, ICEGate, CHA, eTicketing, CERSAI, all CBSE Schools, MEIS, SEIS, Trademark & Patent eFiling, AICTE Approved Institutions, and Gram Panchayat.

You can also use the DGFT DSC on DGFT Websites for eFiling applications, IEC Renewal, IEC Branch Additions, and license eFiling.

Additionally, the Document Signer Certificate, which is organization-based, is ideal for bulk signing of documents, invoices, agreements, contracts, and conducting online PAN verification on servers.


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Discover the ease and safety of using Digital Signature Certificates (DSCs) for different purposes.

Class 3 (individual)

A Class 3 individual DSC is the highest level of personal digital signature certificate, providing strong security and authentication for online transactions and legal purposes.

Class 3 (Combo)

A Class 3 Combo DSC is the highest level of digital signature certificate that combines the features of both an individual and an organization, providing robust security and authenticity for online transactions and legal purposes.


The DGFT DSC is used for online communication and transactions with the DGFT’s electronic platforms. It ensures the authenticity, integrity, and security of electronic data and documents submitted by exporters, importers, and other stakeholders engaged in foreign trade operations.


Foreign Organizations or Companies that are established outside India have the option to acquire Class 3 Signing & Encryption (Combo) DSC for different platforms in India, including etendering, eprocurement, ebidding, eauction, and more. 

Foreign (Organization)

Foreign Companies, also known as Organizations established outside India, have the opportunity to acquire Class 3 Signing DSC for diverse platforms in India, including etendering, eprocurement, ebidding, eauction, and others. 

Document Signer Certificate

The Class 2 Document Signer Certificate is primarily designed for organizational use and is commonly employed for automated bulk document signing or processing online. Whether it’s signing agreements, contracts, insurance policies, validating PAN (Permanent Account Number), or signing invoices,.


Get you DSC with some simple steps


About Us

Welcome to efiling infotech Private Limited, a prominent Digital Signature and esign Solution provider, headquartered in Kolkata since 2013. if you are searched “DSC near me ” the result maybe popped our website.We take immense pride in being known as efiling infotech p ltd, a renowned name in the market of Digital Signature Certificates & IT Solutions. Our commitment to captivating content shines through the rich variations of sentences that we bring to life, blending the beauty of complex expressions with concise thoughts, all designed to keep readers intrigued.As an eMudhra and Sify safescrypt oldest Controller and Partner with esteemed entities like SignX-CA, Capricorn CA, VSign, PantaSign, IDSignCA (IDSign), we are entrusted with the responsibility of appointing Channel Partners or Direct Sales Partners RA, RA agent, Controller, Super Partner and offering cutting-edge products under the purview of IT ACT 2000 in India. With the prestigious awarded from safescrypt, eMudhra Ltd, Capricorn CA, VSign, and PantaSign, efiling infotech p ltd has been designated as a trusted RA (Registration Authority) to issue DSCs nationwide to cater to the needs of our valued end users.

Trust. Security. Reliability. That’s eFiling Infotech Private Limited.

At efiling infotech Private Limited, based in Kolkata, we take immense pride in providing top-notch Paperiss digital signature certificates, including class 3 digital signature certificates online, to both individual and organizational users (authorized individuals) for a multitude of purposes. Our comprehensive offerings include DSC for e-Tendering, e-Procurement, e-Bidding, eAuction, e-Filing of ITR, GST Registration, e-Filing of ROC & MCA, Ad Code Registration, DGFT Website, Provident Fund Transfer,e-Filing on Custom & Excise, e-Procurement, Trademark & Patent e-Filing, Custom House Agent (CHA), ICEGATE, IRCTC eTicketing, CERSAI, Indian Railway eTenders, MEIS, High Court eFiling, IEC Registration, CBSE LOC Upload, and AICTE. We strive to provide seamless solutions for all your digital signature certificate needs.” Net Banking, ICEGate, eSanchit eFiling, Gram Sarpanch, Gram Panchayat, and many more.Our services are open to both Indian and Foreign national applicants, who can conveniently order online to avail themselves of our offerings. With an impressive track record of issuing over 25 lakhs Digital Signature Certificates till december 2022 to various esteemed clients, including Companies, Corporates, Individuals, Government Organizations, MNCs, SMEs, Chartered Accountants, CS, Advocates, and end-users, we have firmly established ourselves as a trusted name in the industry. We efiling infotech P ltd is the only RA who sold DSC more than 25 lacs in India

Confuse how to choose right digital signature as per your requirement ? – Choose DSC

efiling infotech Private Limited actively seeks network expansion and welcomes new channel partners and resellers to join our esteemed Partner Network. If you are looking for a promising business opportunity in the DSC market, consider becoming a Digital Signature Reseller / Channel Partner or Franchise with us and unlock the potential for substantial profits.Additionally, we have signed up our organization with eMudhra,PantaSign, SignX & VSign, empowering us to appoint PantaSign Super Partners, Premium Partners, or Aligned Partners for seamless DSC issuance.we have embraced a fully paperless process for issuing Digital Signatures across all classes, encompassing Class 3, DGFT, and Document Signer as per CCA INDIA guidelines from 1st jan 2021. The issuance is now streamlined and completly paperless verifications and formalities for enhanced efficiency and convenience. At efiling infotech Private Limited, we are committed to providing a smooth and paperless experience for issuing digital signatures, offering brands like eMudhra, Capricorn, VSign, and PantaSign with password-protected USB Tokens. Join us on this transformative journey as we redefine convenience and security in the digital & paperless world.very soon we are coming with mobile PKI, esign through mobile. No need to carry original documents or paper based documents to identity verification like opening account, buy sim card, buy car etc, personal verification will be done through Mobile PKI solution.

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Acquire  a digital signature franchise to launch a DSC business as a reseller. We provide franchise opportunities for all CA companies, including the well-known names emudra, pantasign,vsign,signx,id sign and capricorn. For DSC, we also offers bulk USB tokens like HYP 2003, proxkey, and safenet.

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