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The Watchdata ProxKey token is a USB device designed by Watchdata Technologies. This token is certified to meet the FIPS standards, ensuring its high level of security. Its primary function is to securely store digital signature certificates in India, providing a reliable solution for various authentication and signature processes.

Product Description

Starting from April 1st,2023 (Extended to July 1st, 2023), the WatchData ProxKey has become a certified USB Crypto Token according to the new CCA (Certification Authority) guideline. Thanks to advances in computer technology and networks, banks, government organizations, and businesses can now offer various services online. However, protecting online data transmission has become quite difficult. More and more cases of malicious attacks and identity tampering for online fraud are happening. That’s why there is a growing need for better protection of networks, applications, and data. The WatchData ProxKey USB Crypto Token meets the strict standards set by the CCA and ensures secure communication. It helps organizations defend against cyber threats, making the online world safer and building trust with customers.


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